People & Employees

A GOOD HOME for employees.

People & Employees

People are the key to success – Our employees are more than cost and production factors.

We at AURELIUS know that our success relies on the individual performance of each and everyone in our company. It is our primary aim to support our employees in their daily business, their professional career and in achieving their personal goals.

The team of AURELIUS operates across many different industries, countries and cultures. Under such circumstances a successful interaction can only be ensured through an integrated strategy, uniting the complete team and at the same time supporting every individual’s specific strengths.

Our aim to be a "GOOD HOME" not only applies to our portfolio companies but also to our staff.

Human Rights

Human rights comprise fundamental rights defined by various conventions and declarations in respect of child labour, forced labour, freedom of association and collective agreements, diversity issues and gender equality. At Aurelius we fully support the principles of the UN Global Compact.

AURELIUS is committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Everyone has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices, including harassment. AURELIUS expects all portfolio companies to enact an explicit policy to observe human rights for their own operations as well as for their supply chains.

People at AURELIUS


AURELIUS understands diversity to mean the concurrence of different mindsets, capabilities, cultural imprints, experiences and competencies. With its subsidiaries, AURELIUS is represented throughout the world, employing people of different confessions, cultures, generations and sexes. Open-minded, unprejudiced cooperation among people with such differences strengthens creativity, innovation and dynamism and makes a company even more successful



Employees of the following nationalities are employed in the AURELIUS portfolio companies and at the headquarters in Grünwald:



















United Kingdom


Poland 1



(as at 31.12.2019)

More jobs thanks to successful growth strategies

AURELIUS buys and sells companies. At the time of their acquisition these companies often face strategic or structural challenges, but also have great unused potential and long-term opportunities. Our strength lies in making the right decisions and organizing their operative implementation.

The resulting realignment phases are often difficult for employees. In order to successfully reorient a company, it is necessary to change processes and structures. That often means cutting some jobs in order to secure the remaining jobs and the future of the company, and so to create new employment opportunities going forward.

AURELIUS has frequently succeeded in doing this in recent years. With the support of the affected employees, this has saved thousands of jobs. The orientation towards growth and long-term viability has also resulted in new hirings in company after company.

A recent study showed that the subsidiaries we have sold in the last five years on average increased their employee count by 10.3 percent while they were owned by the AURELIUS Group.

The AURELIUS Holding also added a substantial number of staff, and today almost 150 people work on the right decisions and strategies to prepare companies for the future - almost five times as many as ten years ago.