ESG: Employees

ESG: Employees

 More jobs thanks to successful growth strategies

AURELIUS buys and sells companies. At the time of their acquisition these companies often face strategic or structural challenges, but also have great unused potential and long-term opportunities. Our strength lies in making the right decisions and organizing their operative implementation.

The resulting realignment phases are often difficult for employees. In order to successfully reorient a company, it is necessary to change processes and structures. That often means cutting some jobs in order to secure the remaining jobs and the future of the company, and so to create new employment opportunities going forward.

AURELIUS has frequently succeeded in doing this in recent years. With the support of the affected employees, this has saved thousands of jobs. The orientation towards growth and long-term viability has also resulted in new hirings in company after company.

A recent study showed that the subsidiaries we have sold in the last five years on average increased their employee count by 10.3 percent while they were owned by the AURELIUS Group.

The AURELIUS Holding also added a substantial number of staff, and today almost 150 people work on the right decisions and strategies to prepare companies for the future - almost five times as many as ten years ago.