People are the key to success

A GOOD HOME for employees.

People are the key to success

People are the key to success – However nowadays in the world of business this is very often forgotten and people are seen as an unavoidable expense.

At AURELIUS we try to think differently. We know that our success relies on the individual performance of each and everyone in our company. It is our primary aim to support our employees in their daily business, their professional career and in achieving their personal goals.

The team of AURELIUS operates across many different industries, countries and cultures. Under such circumstances a successful interaction can only be ensured through an integrated strategy, uniting the complete team and at the same time supporting every individual’s specific strengths.

Human rights comprise fundamental rights defined by various conventions and declarations in respect of child labour, forced labour, freedom of association and collective agreements, diversity issues and gender equality. At Aurelius we fully support the principles of the UN Global Compact.

Our aim to be a "GOOD HOME" not only applies to our portfolio companies but also to our staff.