AURELIUS Real Estate Opportunities, Luxembourg, and its experienced team with a sound network focuses on investments in residential, office, retail, hotel and nursing care properties, as well as parking. Munich-based AUREPA Management AG will act as advising investment manager and asset manager in Germany.


We will ensure sustained quality and value enhancement by means of active asset management and comprehensive property optimization. The levers of our “manage-to-core approach” are to be found in the property itself as well as in an improved tenant loyalty and the market environment of each location.

The sets of measures to be implemented by us will focus on the future-oriented goal of improving the micro location in order to shape urban planning trends as much as possible.

Investment Profile

Our flexible investment approach seeks for direct investment opportunities in residential and commercial assets with a minimum of approx. € 3 million in growth-oriented large, medium-sized and university cities with at least 50,000 inhabitants as well as in metropolises and metropolitan areas. In addition, there is the possibility of participation in existing or to be established project companies and projects as shareholders, hybrid capital partners or JV partners.

Investment­ profile RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL (office / retail / hotel / hostel / care homes) PARKING
Investment approach 

core+ / value-add

core+ / value-add / opportunistic

core / core+ / value-add

Investment volume

From € 3 million (portfolios from approx. € 10 million)

Macro locations
  • Growth-oriented large, medium-sized and university cities with 50,000+ inhabitants
  • Very large cities and metropolitan areas 
Micro locations
  • Urban and established locations
  • Locations in a positive arbitrage process 
  • Good public transport connection is required
  • Sustainable A and B locations 
  • Locations in a positive arbitrage process 
  • Locations that are highly frequented by workers, tourists and consumers 
  • Inner city locations and hot spots in peripheral locations 
Situation / condition
  • Properties with upside potential that can be unlocked by means of vacancy reduction, remodeling, repositioning, etc.
  • No heritable building rights, no partial ownership (partial ownership is possible for parking)
  • Expiring rent control arrangements and housing subsidies are possible 
Transaction structures
  • Asset deals and share deals (also foreign corporate structures)
  • NPL/ claim scenarios
  • Acquisition of share packages
Participations / joint venture / project financing /partnership
  • Participation in existing or to be established project companies or projects as shareholders, hybrid capital partner or JV
  • Various corporate and partner structures

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Investment profile in detail

Investment profile in detail
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Portfolioobjekte (Auswahl)



Hallbergmoos, Deutschland

Das FOURTYFIVE steht für stylische Bürolofts an einem Standort, der München mit der Welt verbindet. Nahe zum Flughafen München im Munich Airport Business Park (MABP) gelegen, lässt diese Gewerbelocation viel Freiheit in der Gestaltung Ihrer Mietflächen. Im Rahmen einer umfassenden Repositionierung wird das Bürogebäude unter neuem Brand vermarktet und Mietflächen sowie Antrittsbereiche modernisiert.

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München-Trudering, Deutschland

Das Five2Nine verkörpert stylische Büro-, Gewerbe- und Industrial Lofts in urbanem Charakter. Die Revitalisierung des markanten Atriumgebäudes aus den 90er Jahren lässt viel Freiheit in der Gestaltung der Mietflächen. Ob moderne Office-Flächen im Loft-Charakter oder frei gestaltbare Industrial Spaces, die Mietflächen des multifunktionalen Büro- und Gewerbeobjekts bieten allerlei Möglichkeiten.

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Our dynamic and fast-growing company continually offers new career opportunities and challenges. We are interested in professionals with experience, ideas, and creative drive in the real estate sector. Even if you do not find the right challenge for you in our current job postings, we look forward to receiving your general application.

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